do you even realize how hurtful you can be

i don’t think you do

you almost never apologize


I'm so sorry.

don’t be sorry, anon c: i may not understand what you’re going through, but i care and i’m happy to help you.

if you wanna come off anon and talk privately, you can! i’ll listen to you.

(omg an anon messaged me with a problem on my other blog so idk if this is the same anon or not I’M SORRY IF IT’S NOT THIS PROBABLY MAKES NO SENSE TO YOU)


There's someone I think about and miss a lot.. do you have any advice to make me forget? Though I doubt it'll work.

I don’t think there’s any way to forget. Just gotta wait until the sadness goes away and move on.

fucking hell i’ve got school tomorrow and i’m thinking about someone i miss but at the same time wanna punch in the face

and i can’t draw vent art i want to so badly ugh

2 years ago today i had a huge leg surgery

let me put that differently

2 years ago today was when my life became a living hell