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for various reasons, i’m more at risk to being hacked or sent hate messages during the whole 4/ch/a/n raid

if you suspect a post was not made by me, it probably wasn’t. i will not post gore or porn or shock images.

i also tag triggers. i tag any i can think of (and will add any if you need them)

please remember not to put my full name anywhere, reblog my selfies or tag my posts with any of the tags they’re raiding. also maybe censor their site name like i did above in any messages you send me so it doesn’t show up in searches.

thank you.

if you have questions about why i’m a target for them, ask off anon and i’ll answer privately.

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i can really notice the meds working sometimes

like right now i’m not as upset as i would be without them

it feels weird

kind of unnatural almost